The Wellness & Spa Innovation Awards 2020 have been already conferred. Starting in September you can apply again for the awards 2021.




The Wellness & Spa Innovation Awards 2020 have been already conferred. Starting in September you can apply again for the awards 2021.




Terms and conditions for applications for the “Wellness & Spa Innovation Awards 2021”

1. Organizer, subject of the competition
Organizer of the awards competition is Deutsche Wellness GmbH, Columbusstraße 54,
40549 Düsseldorf  in cooperation with Deutscher Wellness Verbande.V. The Deutsche Wellness GmbH defines a wellness & spa innovation as any novelty or further development related to the wellness & spa market. Thiscan be a product, method, facility, app or a concept. A jury decides the admission of an application for the awards competition as well as the winners in the four categories.

2. Categories
The Wellness & Spa Innovation Awards 2021” competition is organized in following categories:

Fitness & Exercise
Relaxation & Treatment
Cosmetics & Body Care
Ecology & Sustainability
Digital Solutions & Apps

3. Application
In order to apply for the wellness & spa innovation awards 2021 a web form on has to be completed. Each applicant can submit a maximum of three applications. The applicant has to describe his innovation with a maximum of 500 characters. He also has to upload an illustrative picture of the innovation in jpg format (landscape format, minimum size of 754 x 361 pixels), and a pdf file containing a detailed description of the innovation (this file is presented as a download offer on the website of the organizer).

If sending the web form is not possible due to technical problems the application can be sent via e-mail to bewerbung|| |bewerbung| The attached documents must not be bigger than 10 megabytes. By sending the documents to the organizer the applicant agrees to the right of the organizer to promote, document, and present the innovation and all related documents on the Internet. The applicant grants the organizer all correspondent rights of use.

Participants of the awards competition have to pay a fee. The fee is 495,00 EUR plus VAT per innovation. Members of the Deutscher Wellness Verband pay 395,00 EUR plus VAT. The participation fee is charged after the jury has decided to nominate the innovation for the awards competition.
4. Admission of applications, nomination
A jury decides if an application is admitted to the awards competition. It also decides in which category the innovation is nominated. Experts of the Deutscher Wellness Verband constitute the jury. If an application for the awards competition is accepted and nominated the innovation is published on what includes the presentation of a picture, a brief summary, and a pdf file with a detailed description of the innovation. Major editorial changes require written permission of the applicant.  All accepted applications are nominated for the “Wellness & Spa Innovation Awards 2021” competition. The nominees receive the nomination logo for any marketing purposes right after the submitted innovation has been admitted.

If an innovation has been nominated for the Wellness & Spa Innovation Awards 2021 the applicant has the opportunity to present its innovation adjacent to the Meeting Point Health & Wellness  in hall 8 of FIBO exhibition Cologne from April 8th to 11th, 2021. The exhibition area is significantly reduced due to the regulatory corona virus preventative measures. Thus, only a maximum of five innovations can be presented. The selection will be assigned in the order of registration (first come, first served). For registration DWG will deliver a correspondent form on a due date after the closing date for application.

The fee for every co-exhibitor is 1.450,00 € plus VAT (exhibitor insurance included). The exhibition area depends on the required minimum space and will be decided by Deutsche Wellness GmbH

Nominees are not obligated to present their innovation. Presentation is only an option. Details concerning the organization of the presentation as well as delivery and removal of exhibits will be communicated in due time.

5.Award Winners
The Wellness & Spa Innovation Awards will be decided through a panel of experts (representatives of the German Wellness Association).  In each of the categories an award is granted if there is more than one nomination for a category.

6. Awards ceremony
The public awards ceremony will take place on the 11th of April 2021 at 12:00 pm at Messe Cologne FIBO, hall 8, Meeting Point Health. The nominee assures to be present personally and as the case may be with companion during the award ceremony. In case that the nominee is a business partnership, a non-incorporated firm, or a corporation the general manager or any other person authorized to represent has the same duty.

The applicant assures that he is the legal creator and owner of the product, method, facility, app, or the concept that is subject of the application and that no opposing rights of third parties exist which would conflict with the participation in the competition “Wellness & Spa Innovation Awards 2021”.

7. Liability exclusion
Deutsche Wellness GmbH assumes no liability that the submitted innovation is the intellectual property of the applicant. Otherwise, the applicant assumes full civil and penal liability for any claims that result from unlawful use of the innovation. The applicant himself is liable as a principal towards Deutsche Wellness GmbH that he is exclusively authorized to apply the innovation for the competition “Wellness & Spa Innovation Awards 2021”. In advance, the applicant indemnifies Deutsche Wellness GmbH from and against any and all third party claims.

8. Postponement or cancellation of the award competition
The organizer reserves it’s right to cancel or to postpone the award competition in its sole discretion. There is no entitlement to the execution of the award competition. If the award competition is cancelled for a legal year the organizer has to repay the participation fee. Any further claims of the participant are excluded. If the competition is only postponed the organizer is not obliged to refund the participation fee.

9. Closing date for applications
Closing date for applications for the “Wellness & Spa Innovation Awards 2021” is January 31th, 2021. Any recourse to courts is excluded. Pre-condition for application is that the applicant agrees to the abovementioned terms and conditions.

10. Data privacy protection
By sending the application form and the corresponding files to the organizer the applicant agrees to the application procedure and the related collection of personal data. The organizer collects, stores, and uses these data solely for the purpose of the award competition. The participant has the right to revoke this consent at any time.  In this case further participation in the award competition is no longer possible.

11. Contact details
In case of any questions please contact:
jan.banach|| |jan.banach|