WELLNESS & SPA INNOVATION is an initiative of the German Wellness Association and Deutsche Wellness GmbH, which was launched in 2012. We search for and publish new ideas, products and services for the wellness, health and spa market and nominate our selection for the WELLNESS & SPA INNOVATION AWARDS, which we present to the winners of the year at an exciting online event. In this way, we promote progress and development, new perspectives and solutions in the wellness, health and spa industry.




The German Wellness Association recognizes the innovative spirit of the wellness, health and spa industry and awards the best, as judged by the jury, with the WELLNESS & SPA INNOVATION AWARDS 2023. Individuals, companies and organizations of all sizes worldwide that have a truly new and forward-looking offering in the form of concepts, products, methods or services to promote well-being and/or health can apply.

On this website you will find an overview of all the innovations we have nominated and awarded to date. You will find further information on each innovation. Be inspired by the ideas presented and perhaps find solutions that you have been looking for for a long time.

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The German Wellness Association (DWV) is the leading non-profit organization of the wellness movement in Europe. Its members include companies, organizations and individuals who are commercially or professionally active in the wellness and spa market. Through initiatives, projects, events and the presentation of prizes and awards, the DWV has been providing important impetus for the further development of the wellness movement and the market for wellness and spa services for more than 20 years. With the WELLNESS & SPA INNOVATION AWARDS, the DWV has been recognizing progressive ideas and innovations that lead to significant improvements for providers or customers since 2012.

As a business partner of the German Wellness Association, DEUTSCHE WELLNESS GmbH (DWG) realizes offers that are initiated by the association and are not exclusively available to members of the association. These offers are primarily aimed at people and companies who are professionally or commercially active in the wellness and spa market. This includes the implementation of projects, the performance of quality audits for the Association's certification offers, consulting and marketing services as well as the organization of training courses, events and competitions.