Conditions of participation

Application for the Wellness & SPA Innovation Awards 2024

1. Organizer, object of the competition.
The organizer of the competition is Deutsche Wellness GmbH, Columbusstraße 54, 40549 Düsseldorf (DWG) in cooperation with Deutscher Wellness Verband e.V. The DWG defines a Wellness & Spa Innovation as any innovation or further development related to wellness or spa. This can involve products, equipment, services, methods, measures, facilities, designs and concepts. A jury will decide on the admission of the applications received for the competition. A jury will also decide on the winners.

2. Categories
The Wellness & Spa Innovation 2024 competition will be held in the following categories:

Spa Products
Innovative products for use in services in companies in the wellness & spa industry

Spa Treatments & Services
Innovative applications and treatments by or for companies in the wellness & spa industry

Spa Tech & Equipment
Innovative equipment and furnishings for companies in the wellness & spa industry

Spa Business Concepts
Innovative operational and business concepts by or for companies in the wellness & spa industry

Spa Architecture & Design
Innovative spatial and architectural design by or for companies in the wellness & spa industry

Spa Ecology & Climate Action
Innovative products, concepts and measures for environmental and climate protection by or for companies in the wellness & spa industry

3 . Application and costs
Applications for the Wellness Innovation & Spa Awards 2024 must be submitted via a fully completed online form on the website The online form includes a questionnaire, which must also be completed in full. An applicant may submit a maximum of three applications. In addition to the description of the innovation, which is limited to 500 characters, the applicant must upload the following files with the form:

-  an illustrative photo of their innovation in jpg format (landscape format with a minimum size of 585 x 330 pixels, width x height),

-  a PDF file with a detailed description of the innovation which will be displayed as text on the event website.

If it is not possible to send the form for technical reasons, the application can also be sent by e-mail to The attached files should not exceed 10 MB in size. By submitting the application, the participant agrees that the submitted innovations and documents may be used by the organizer for the application, documentation and online presentation. The applicant grants the organizer the corresponding rights of use free of charge.

Participation in the competition is subject to a fee. The cost is 495.00 € plus VAT for each individual application. Members of the German Wellness Association pay 395.00 € plus VAT. The participation fee will only be charged after an application has been nominated for an award.

In the case of an award, there is a mandatory fee of EUR 2,950 plus VAT for the associated service package (award trophy, winner logo, winner certificate, jury statement, online winner gallery, winner statement presentation, press release), payable after invoicing. A partial selection of individual services of this package or the waiver of individual services is excluded.

4. Admission of applications, nomination, presentation.
A jury decides on the admission of applications to the competition. The jury is made up of experts from the German Wellness Association. An accepted application will only be nominated in the chosen category if there is at least one other application accepted by the jury in this category. If an application is nominated for the Wellness & Spa Innovation Awards, it will be published on the website with a photo, short description and PDF file with a detailed description of the innovation.  Substantial editorial corrections to the text will only be made with the written consent of the applicant.

Nominees will receive the Wellness Innovation Awards nomination logo for unrestricted use for their marketing purposes.

All nominees should submit a 30 to 60 second video with sound in 16:9 format in which they present their application and mention the most important innovative features. The video must be in HD quality. Text and language in the video must be German or English. The organizer and the German Wellness Association are granted the right to publish the video on the website, the social media channels of the German Wellness Association and as part of the online award ceremony. The video must be made available to the organizer via a file sharing service (e.g. WeTransfer, Dropbox) by 15.09.2024.

5. Award winners
An award will only be presented in the respective categories if there are at least two nominations in the category. In order to win an award, the participant must have paid the nomination fee in full by 15.09.2024.

All nominated innovations will be evaluated on the basis of the data and application documents submitted. In addition, the nominees will be invited to a 30-minute pitch (online) to answer the jury's questions. The pitch will be recorded for documentation purposes. Once the evaluation of all nominees has been completed, the jury will decide on the winners of the awards.

6. Award ceremony
The jury's decision will be announced digitally on October 20, 2024.

7. Release from liability
The applicant warrants that he/she is the intellectual author of the submitted innovation and that there are no third party rights that conflict with the participation and use of the innovation in the "Wellness & Spa Innovation Awards" competition.

The DWG assumes no liability that the submitted innovation is the intellectual property of the applicant. Otherwise, the applicant assumes sole responsibility under civil and criminal law for all damages resulting from any unlawful use of the innovation. The applicant himself is liable to the DWG for ensuring that he alone is authorized to enter the innovation in the "Wellness & Spa Innovation Awards" competition. The applicant hereby indemnifies DWG against all third-party claims that may arise from any unlawful use.

8. Postponement or cancellation of the competition

The organizer is entitled to cancel or postpone the competition at its own discretion. There is no entitlement to the holding of the competition. If the competition is completely canceled for a calendar year, the organizer is obliged to refund the participation fee in full. The participant shall have no further claims. If the competition is merely postponed, the organizer is not obliged to refund the participation fee.

9. Application deadline for the Wellness & Spa Innovation Awards 2024
The application deadline for the Wellness & Spa Innovation Awards 2024 is 16.09.2024. Legal recourse is excluded. The application requires that the applicant accepts the aforementioned conditions of participation.

10. Data protection
By submitting the application form and sending the documents, the applicant agrees to the application process and consents to the collection of his/her personal data by the organizer in the application process.

Diese Daten werden vom Veranstalter ausschließlich für die Durchführung des Wettbewerbs erhoben, verarbeitet und genutzt. Der Teilnehmer hat jederzeit die Möglichkeit, seine Einwilligung zu widerrufen. Eine weitere Teilnahme an dem laufenden Wettbewerb ist dann nicht mehr möglich.

11. Contact details
If you have any questions, please contact