Companies, organisations, or even single persons can apply for the 2019 competition on this website starting September 2018.


The Wellness & Spa Innovation Awards 2019 competition is organized in four categories: products, treatments, concepts and interior.




There are lots of good ideas around. However, you have to transfer your thoughts into real life and to implement them into the market. The WELLNESS & SPA INNOVATION AWARDS have been launched to reward such ideas. So, what is a wellness and spa innovation? Today, anything can be termed „wellness“ due to the irresistable popularity of the word.
In contrast to the use of the buzzword, we understand wellness as a mindset, a philosophy of life. Those who follow this philosophy strive for health, well-being, and an improved quality of life based on lifestyle mastery and self-responsibility. Each individual will find its own way to wellness. On the other side, the term „spa“ defines a facility built for professional services for beauty, skin and body care, physical and emotional well-being. Appropriate products of all kinds are used in spas for making customers feel good, for example skin care devices, beauty creams and all other kinds of treatment products as well as professional equipment, furniture and interior design elements. Spas can be perfect places to contribute to wellness in the way we understand the term.
From our point of view there are no wellness products or wellness treatments. However, each individual can use helpful products and services in order to enhance or improve his or her well-being and quality of life. These products and services should be truly effective instead of relying on unproven or untenable claims.
With our innovation awards we honor reliable concepts, services, and products that support people in their quest for a good and healthy life. The benefits should be proven or at least feasible. Yet, having a good idea is not enough. For being accepted as an innovation your ideas have to be already materialized as new and advanced products, services, or methods.  Second, they need to be successful in use and third they should be available for the market.