There are many good ideas - but you have to be able to implement them successfully and place them on the market. We honor such ideas with the Wellness & Spa Innovation Awards. But what is a wellness and spa innovation? The popularity of the concept of wellness has led to almost everything being associated with wellness today.
With our innovation awards, we recognize concepts, services and products that help people to lead a healthy and enjoyable life. The benefits should be credibly proven, or at least plausible. However, a good idea alone is not enough to be considered an innovation. Firstly, it must also be implemented in new, progressive products, services or processes, secondly, it must actually be successful in application and thirdly, it must at least be available on the market, i.e. it must go beyond the stage of a mere idea or concept.



Interested companies, organizations or individuals can apply online for the Wellness & Spa Innovation Awards 2024 via our website. The application phase starts on May 22, 2024 and ends on Setember 15, 2024.


A jury of experts from the German Wellness Association decides on the nomination of the submitted applications.


Presentation and logo

As soon as there are at least two applications accepted by the jury in the relevant award category, they will be presented to the public in pictures and text on this website. The nominees will also receive the nomination logo for unrestricted use for their marketing purposes.


Deciding on the award winners

All nominated innovations will be evaluated on the basis of the data and application documents submitted. In addition, the nominees will be invited to a 30-minute pitch (online) to answer the jury's questions. The presentation will be recorded for documentation purposes. Once the evaluation of all nominees has been completed, the jury will decide on the winners of the awards.


Announcing the award winners

The jury's decision will be announced digitally on October 20, 2024.


Companies, organizations and individuals can apply with their wellness and spa innovations in the following categories:


Environment and climate protection

New products, services and other measures that significantly reduce the impact on the environment and climate in the wellness and spa industry.

Spa technology

New technical equipment and applications for use in wellness and spa facilities.


Spa treatment products

New treatment products for skin, hair and body care for use in wellness and spa facilities.


Spa treatments

New treatments carried out by trained specialists in wellness and spa facilities.


Wellness programs

New programs to improve a healthy lifestyle and sustained health and well-being.


Digital Wellness

New digital programs and applications to track and improve health and well-being (mobile apps, web applications, wearables, trackers).


Spa design

Innovative design and planning of wellness and spa facilities (rooms, light, colors, materials, surfaces, acoustics, equipment, furnishings).

Spa and wellness business concepts

New ideas and solutions for a successful and profitable wellness and spa business (business concept, operating concept, furnishing concept, marketing concept, ...).



Service package for nominees

Nomination logo

Temporally and spatially unlimited use of the nomination label (German and English).


Nomination certificate

Nomination certificate (DinA4)..


Online Gallery

Permanent online presentation in the Innovation Gallery on the Awards website.


Social media video

Online presentation of the application video on our social media channels.

The service package for nominees costs EUR 495 plus VAT, for DWV members EUR 395 and will be paid together with the participation fee once the application has been accepted.

Winner service package

Award trophy

High-quality award trophy with individual engraving of your innovation and your name.


Winner logo

Unlimited use of the winner's logo (German and English).


Winner certificate

Large-format, framed winner's certificate (DinA3).


Jury statement

Statement from the expert jury on your use in German and English.

Online winner gallery

Permanent online presentation in the winners' gallery on the awards website.

Winner statement presentation

Publication of your video statement on our social media channels.


Press release

Provision of a trade press release about the award winners.

The Winner´s service package costs EUR 1,950.00 plus VAT.


You can use the form below to apply for the Wellness & Spa Innovation Awards until 15.09.2024. Describe your innovation concisely in a short text of 500 characters. Upload an illustrative photo of your innovation (jpg, 585 x 330 pixels width x height) and a PDF file with a detailed description (max. 10 MB). And give your innovation a short title that gets to the heart of what is special and new about it.
Participation in the competition costs EUR 495 plus VAT, for DWV members EUR 395.

Further information can be found in the conditions of participation.

If you have any questions, please contact:
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