Wellness & SPA Innovations 2023

reLounge - We Got Your Back!

reLounge combines the most proven treatment methods for back pain in one system: muscle training via electronic muscle stimulation (EMS), pain relief with the help of TENS and heat - all based on a soothing deep massage. The couch impresses with its holistic treatment concept, which not only eliminates the symptoms but also directly addresses the cause - unlike our competitors' products.

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agelLOC LumiSpa 10 by Nu Skin®

With the ageLOC LumiSpa iO, Nu Skin® uses intelligent skincare to deliver clinically proven cleansing effects and skin benefits as a maximally simple result of a daily skin cleansing routine - for youthful-looking skin, refined pores and a refreshed skin feeling. The device can connect to the Nu Skin Vera app on your smartphone, allowing you to personalize, track and optimize your skincare routines.

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Augmented Massage” Liege

The wellness table is our vision of AI technology and WELLNESS, combined to create the massage experience of the future. Computer-controlled sensors follow the therapist's movements and compose an extraordinary live performance with natural sounds via the sound system integrated into the table. This ultimate experience transports the client into unparalleled deep relaxation, making this innovation the perfect fusion of human touch and technology.

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BEWEI HANDS - The world's first device for beautiful and younger-looking hands! Gentle electromagnetic waves ensure immediately visible results. No undressing, no pain. Simply place your hands in the chamber. 10 minutes treatment time per hand. The unique technology from arthrosis therapy, which has been tried and tested for 40 years, leaves hands looking youthful and well-groomed. For self-confident hands that don't betray their true age!

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Bio-Cellulose Mask Hemp & Bakuchiol

Bio-cellulose material: special carrier material with exceptional and highly efficient penetration technology Lipo Buty technology brings the active ingredients even deeper into the skin Innovative combinations of active ingredients: The mask combines the on-trend active ingredients hemp & bakuchiol with other highly effective ingredients such as watermelon extract, a peptide complex, vitamin E and sacha inchi oil. 100% biodegradable.

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Regulatpro® Collagen

In Regulatpro® Collagen, Dr. Niedermaier Pharma combines the well-known anti-wrinkle active ingredient collagen with high-quality health booster extracts such as the power root astragalus and other active ingredients such as niacin, elastin, glucosamine, vitamins E, C, D and B12. Rich in high-dose vegan hyaluronic acid to deeply moisturize the skin, this balance of science and nature embodies the most effective and high-quality beauty cocktail in the world.

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Ready-togo sauna infusion

Riedler Natur ready-to-go sauna infusions 100% natural and sustainable, filled in 0.33l amber glass bottles for the German deposit system. Ready-mixed. Shake, open and pour directly over the stove. No artificial flavors, no alcohol, no preservatives. Also available in barrels for spas etc. We also offer our products as white label and help our customers to complement their brand with great products.

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Orange fresh breath

I have developed a spa product for the mouth (room). The brand is called "officina di dentifricio" The first variety 01 IBIZA - ORANGE creates a wonderfully refreshing moment in the mouth, tasting like a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. The mouth spray is vegan, paraben- and PEG-free and made in Germany. The packaging is made of mironglass and can be refilled. The tests for compliance with the Cosmetics Ordinance have been completed for the next three varieties.

officina di dentifricio

LSB Roucou OI Spray SPF 15/30/50+

Sun Protection DRY OIL Spray FACE & BODY SPF 15-SPF 30-SPF 50+ UVA/UVB Made with an exclusive natural concentrate from Ligne St Barth, extracted from the Roucou seed, known to accelerate and refine tanning thanks to its provitamin A content (*Bixa Orellana Seed Extract). This unique concentrate is combined with a premium blend of natural plant oils and extracts to provide numerous benefits for the skin.

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Luisenhöhe health resort Schwarzwald; The GesundKunft®Concept

The GesundKunft®SPA concept is transferred to the entire resort through the architecture, furnishings and living environments. The health-promoting conditions encourage and inspire guests to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The architecture, design and furnishings were part of the architectural competition and are in direct harmony with the natural power place Luisenhöhe in the UNESCO biosphere area. The resort is a 360° feel-good and healthy space - NATURAL.HEALTHY.LIFE.

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NAIPO Relax Lounge

The NAIPO Relax Lounge offers an innovative concept that gives a large audience access to the benefits of massages in the form of state-of-the-art NAIPO massage chairs. It offers a fundamentally new type of activity, which can be enhanced by optional entertainment options. Visitors can stream their content on a TV, for example. Overall, the concept demonstrates the characteristics of a Blue Ocean strategy: differentiation and low costs.

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Spa Strategy Board

Three experts (luxury hotel & spa journalist; qualified fitness economist and lecturer at the German University for Prevention and Health Management; master beautician and international trainer as well as institute owner) join forces with the management of the hotel and the operational management of the spa to provide strategic advice. Thanks to their many years of experience, reputation and objective perspective, they are able to respond to the rapid changes as well as the highly divergent specialist areas that come together in spa management with the highest level of expertise.

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The lightest sauna towel: new grammage!

After 2 years of development, the "Mini Magic Towel" is currently the lightest and only freely available sauna towel made of 100% cotton in the world. With its dimensions of 140x90 cm and the unique, completely new grammage, it has a surface weight of only 370 g/m². From now on, sauna bathers will benefit from the very good flight characteristics, the high stability, the relief of the supporting apparatus and shoulder/neck area and the significant energy savings when waving.

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Aquakinetics EXPERIENCE

The AquaKinetics Experience is a movement concept that combines training and relaxation in water. We offer our expertise for the conception of an active spa treatment taking into account the benefits of water in full-service (incl. implementation and follow-up) - for the holistic experience of training and relaxation for spa and hotel guests. Please watch the related video.

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