Wellness & SPA Innovations 2023

Spa Business Concepts

Here, you find an overview of up-to-date innovations for the wellness and spa market. New ideas, products, services.

Each innovation is presented with a short summary. For further infomation just click on the link "MORE INFORMATION".

Luisenhöhe health resort Schwarzwald; The GesundKunft®Concept

The GesundKunft®SPA concept is transferred to the entire resort through the architecture, furnishings and living environments. The health-promoting conditions encourage and inspire guests to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The architecture, design and furnishings were part of the architectural competition and are in direct harmony with the natural power place Luisenhöhe in the UNESCO biosphere area. The resort is a 360° feel-good and healthy space - NATURAL.HEALTHY.LIFE.

BCW Hotels & Resorts GmbH, Luisenhöhe - Gesundheitsresort Schwarzwald More information

NAIPO Relax Lounge

The NAIPO Relax Lounge offers an innovative concept that gives a large audience access to the benefits of massages in the form of state-of-the-art NAIPO massage chairs. It offers a fundamentally new type of activity, which can be enhanced by optional entertainment options. Visitors can stream their content on a TV, for example. Overall, the concept demonstrates the characteristics of a Blue Ocean strategy: differentiation and low costs.

Mustbuy GmbH More information

Spa Strategy Board

Three experts (luxury hotel & spa journalist; qualified fitness economist and lecturer at the German University for Prevention and Health Management; master beautician and international trainer as well as institute owner) join forces with the management of the hotel and the operational management of the spa to provide strategic advice. Thanks to their many years of experience, reputation and objective perspective, they are able to respond to the rapid changes as well as the highly divergent specialist areas that come together in spa management with the highest level of expertise.

Panorama Hotel & Service GmbH Wald & Schlosshotel Friedrichsruhe More information